Plastic Surgery Dos and Don’ts

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Summer is almost here and we all want to look our best. But, what is the best way to achieve our optimal look? For some, it entails many many hours at the gym. For others, cutting our junk foods and subscribing to a healthier diet. When you stick to a workout and diet regimen your results could be very rewarding.  This is easier said then done. Hence, the high dropout rate.

And then, there are some who prefer quick results without the grueling workouts and restrictive diets. It’s easy to want to look like Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence. While most people agree that their freakishly good looks are unattainable a small number of skilled plastic surgeons can perform wonders.

Now, before you dish thousands of dollars and go under the knife it’s crucial that you proceed with caution.

Here are a few basic dos and don’ts  before you get surgery.


  • Research your surgeon. A good place to start is with on of the top Michigan  rhinoplasty surgeon. Make sure they have sufficient credentials like Board certification.
  • Experience – If you’re interested in losing weight then make sure your surgeon has at least five years of experience performing tummy tucks or relevant surgeries.
  • Do ask a lot of questions.
  • Do ask for before and after pictures.


  • Don’t allow to be rushed. Take as long as you need.
  • Don’t settle based on price alone. In most cases, surgeons who are just starting out or those who don’t have the sufficient experience charge less than their competition. Think about it. If the going rate for a procedure is $5,000 and your surgeon charges $3,000 don’t you think it’s too good to be true? Listen to your instincts.
  • Don’t get surgery to please someone else. It’s your body. You’re taking all the risks.
  • If you’re unsure at all then postpone your procedure. Time will tell if it’s the right thing to do of if you should forego the entire thing.

Have additional concerns? Take a look at this video for more.

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